1. Gather the URLs

Gather the URL(s) of the offending file(s). An example URL would be

2. Verify ownership

Make sure you are the proper owner of the file and that the file does not have permission to be used on this site. In order for the DMCA to succeed, you must send an email from a domain that is legitimately owned by the offended company. DMCA complaints from web mail services such as GMail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo or other web mail accounts will not be accepted.

3. Prepare an email

Prepare an email to be sent to

4. Enter a relevant subject

Make the subject of the email is something along the lines of "DMCA – {Company Name}" (eg. "DMCA – Yahoo").

5. Include the URL(s)

Include the URL(s) in step one in the content of the email. The email should include the Identification of copyrighted works, Copyright infringing material location(s), and Statement of authority.

Once the email is sent, the file will be taken down as soon as possible. We are very sorry for this inconvenience!