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Locking your content has never been this easy. Monetize your files or URLs with our beautiful, customizable landing pages. You can also lock any part of your site with our responsive widgets.

2. Customize

Completely adjust and optimize your landing pages and widgets specifically to the interests of your audience, or simply select a high quality template created by our users. Enable a social locker, a fully functional virus scanner, or grow your mailing list by requiring users to enter their email upon visiting.

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With over 7000 active offers and hundreds of available apps, your visitors are guaranteed to receive the best offers for their area. Visitors using a mobile device will automatically be shown an app wall instead of an offer wall to optimize your conversion rate.

Our advanced survey ranking system makes sure that your audience is provided with the highest converting offers all the time. You also have the option to rank each and every offer yourself, for every country.

Custom Landing Pages

Get the highest possible conversion rate with our customizable landing pages. Easily switch between high quality templates, track and analyze your changes and find out what works best for your audience.

Highest Payouts

Shaving our members' payouts is something we will never do, resulting in the highest possible payouts.

High Conversion Rate

All the offers on this network are updated and optimized continuously, so that you never encounter any expired offers.

Offer Ranking

Our offer customization system allows you to create your own list of offers to specifically tinker it to the interests of your audience.

Custom Landing Pages

We give you the option to select and customize high quality layouts, full of useful features such as an integrated anti-virus and custom stats.

Niche Partnering

Help each other get to the top in our unique niche partnering system. Deliver traffic and receive a commission, or set up a niche and share it!

Quality Support

Our support is always available and ready to help you out with any problems you might have. We are happy to assist you!

Let's get started offers the best possible content-locking tools in the industry to help maximize your conversion rate.

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